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Saturday, August 8, 2009


You'll see over in the right-hand column under the Benefactor donation buttons, two more donation buttons, entreating you to vote for either the "Boy" or "Girl" versions of Mari Kurisato's cover art for Things We Are Not (images with this post). The contest rules are quite lax:

1) Vote as many times as you want--the dollars collected go toward the same fundraising drive as the Benefactor plan. Can't decide whether you likes girls or boys better? Then vote for both! And, as I always say, "Vote early and vote often."

2) Ballot-stuffing is fine. Want to get other people to throw in some money and vote a hundred times under your own name? Fine. We don't mind. The $1.00 "poll tax" makes us look the other way.

3) The winning cover art will be hailed and feted as The Winner, though both images will be used anyway in two
different editions of the book. But only one will be the "real" Winner. Which gender will it be?

4) A prize winner
will be chosen at random from among the voters (I'll know who you are and how to contact you from the Pay Pal receipt that I will receive). Despite the rule about ballot-stuffing, each person voting will only have his or her name entered into the contest pool once, to keep it economically fair (though repeated voting is still encouraged because the dollars are all for a good cause and it can have an impact on whether girls or boys "win").

and announce The Prize:

A copy of the print edition of Things We Are Not (with cover art of your choice) personally inscribed by artist Mari Kurisato and yours truly. Mari will also add to the book a special one-of-a kind print of an as-yet-unseen piece of original artwork! Awesome!

The polling station is now open.

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