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Monday, October 19, 2009

THINGS WE ARE NOT: The trailer

Here's something silly: my new "trailer" for the book  at YouTube !  If you are here for the first time, be sure to see the previous post describing all the new order options!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New order options for THINGS WE ARE NOT

I have a few ways available as of now--the official publication day of Things We Are Not.  I'll detail them (with their pros and cons) in the same order as the links to the right:

1)  PRINT option 1:  I am continuing what was previously known as the pre-order deal:  US readers may order directly from me, using the first Pay Pal button, the edition of the book for $16.00, shipping included. This offer also includes a subscription to M-Brane SF (PDF edition).  Pros: It's a bit cheaper than it would be to order it from Amazon because the shipping is included. Plus, you get the zine! And this is the most direct way to support M-Brane SF and its writers, since we get to keep a larger share of the purchase price.  Con: It may take a bit longer to get your book than by using the options below. This is because I need to periodically order copies sent to me and then send them out to you. So how fast you get it will depend on where I am in that process when I get your order. [NOTE: it is not necessary to have a Pay Pal account to use Pay Pal. You can use a credit or debit card. It is fast, easy and secure.]

2) ELECTRONIC option 1: Order the book in either PDF format or as a MOBI-format (.prc) ebook. The ebook version is viewable on devices that support non-DRM files in the .prc format, including Kindle and various smart phones.  The PDF displays like a print book on a computer screen, and it can be printed if desired. I am told that the new Kindle 2 supports PDF viewing, but I cannot personally confirm that. Pro: Money raised through selling these goes straight into the M-Brane fund with no middlemen taking a cut, so it's a good way to support the cause. Also, you get a subscription to the zine (PDF or MOBI).  Con: None really, but if you select the MOBI option please be sure that you know how to get it from an attached file and onto your device, and that your device indeed supports .prc files,  because that is not an area of tech expertise for me.

[SUPER IMPORTANT!  When ordering using Pay Pal, please make certain that you provide a correct email address--I have found during the pre-order period that some people using credit cards have made errors in their email addresses and I have not been able to start their zine subscriptions yet. If the address is wrong for these electronic edition orders it will be a serious drag.]

3) PRINT option 2: Order directly from our print-on-demand service. The link will take you to my CreateSpace e-store.  Pros:  You'll probably get the book faster than going with option 1. M-Brane's share of the sale is similar to that of option 1. Cons: It will also cost a bit more due to shipping unless you are getting multiple items. If you order this way, and then provide me with an email copy (at mbranesf at gmail dot com) of your CreateSpace receipt, I will include the zine subscription with this option as well.

4) PRINT option 3 and ELECTRONIC option 2: Order from Amazon, either the print edition or the Kindle edition. Pro: Probably the quickest way to get your book, and favorable price-wise if you are ordering multiple items from Amazon, since shipping cost drops a lot with bigger orders. So if you're buying something else from Amazon anyway, this is a good option. For Kindle users, this is obviously a simpler way to get it onto your device than the above MOBI option. Amazon is also probably the best option for international readers.  Con: Because M-Brane's share of the sale with Amazon is considerably lower than with the other options, I am not including the free zine subscription for Amazon customers.

Sue Lange wins contest!

Even though I bagged the idea of actually having two distinct editions of the book, one with each of the two different covers created by Mari Kurisato, we kept the contest and voting going on anyway. This morning I conducted a random drawing from entrants (with literal slips of paper with everyone's name on them) and selected Sue Lange as the winner of the prize!  M-Brane followers know Sue since she has had stories published in the zine a couple of times. She also a member of

Ironically, Sue is one of the scant few voters who supported the boy cover, which, alas, did not even come close to winning, but which does survive as the back cover of the book.

If you happen to be seeing this post right after I post it here and start flogging it on Twitter, you may see that the pre-order deal is still up (described in previous post).  Indeed, it's still up at this moment, and I will probably keep a deal going on at that price and with the zine subscription included, but soon there will be links to a couple of other ways to order it as well.