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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sue Lange wins contest!

Even though I bagged the idea of actually having two distinct editions of the book, one with each of the two different covers created by Mari Kurisato, we kept the contest and voting going on anyway. This morning I conducted a random drawing from entrants (with literal slips of paper with everyone's name on them) and selected Sue Lange as the winner of the prize!  M-Brane followers know Sue since she has had stories published in the zine a couple of times. She also a member of

Ironically, Sue is one of the scant few voters who supported the boy cover, which, alas, did not even come close to winning, but which does survive as the back cover of the book.

If you happen to be seeing this post right after I post it here and start flogging it on Twitter, you may see that the pre-order deal is still up (described in previous post).  Indeed, it's still up at this moment, and I will probably keep a deal going on at that price and with the zine subscription included, but soon there will be links to a couple of other ways to order it as well.

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