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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

THINGS WE ARE NOT progress report; update on cover art and the contest

As I mentioned on the main M-Brane page the other day, the "official" release date for Things We Are Not is now probably 10/15 rather than 10/1. It may actually come sooner, but I don't want to promise it since it's already 9/15 and I still have to get the print proof in hand and approved (it's arriving shortly). Format for the print edition is a 6x9 trade paperback, and it will run approximately 350 pages. It contains about 140,000 words of fiction. So a pretty hefty book!  I can't wait to see it in physical form. I hope to announce the prices for the print and electronic editions within a few days, and I expect to have some pre-order deals to announce.

I am changing course somewhat on how to present the cover art.  I had planned to have two distinct editions with the girl cover on one and the boy cover on the other (which plan inspired the vote/contest to select the favorite). It turns out that doing two different covers--because of the way my print publisher works--would make this essentially two distinct publication projects, creating a number of hassles too dull to describe in detail here. Also, since I will be selling/shipping most of the domestic orders on the print edition directly from here rather than directing everyone to Amazon, it would add another layer of logistical challenge just as far as having the right amount of the right kind of book on hand. It sometimes happens that what once seemed like a brilliant plan looks much less so when all the details become known.

So, here's the new plan: I am still using both pieces of art, but the girl version will fill the front cover and the boy version will appear on the back, and I am endeavoring to not have the lads be too obscured by back-cover text. This way, everyone can enjoy both pieces of Mari's artwork, while the overwhelming winner of the vote gets to be on the front. I should be able to display an image of the finished cover within a few days. As to the vote:  I am going to leave the dollar donation buttons for the girl vs. boy contest up. I will still enter anyone who votes into the drawing for the Fabulous Prize (see original post on the contest)!  At this point the female cover has an insurmountable lead in the voting, and since I need to go to press with a final cover shortly, I am going to declare that the lovely ladies have won this election in a landslide. But it's still worth trying to win the prize, and those dollars all go toward the good cause of keeping M-Brane alive and well.

In a few days I will be posting some profiles of the book's authors on this page. So check back soon (I will also place notice of news on this page on the M-Brane main page as well).


  1. Hello folks

    Both pieces of art are great and it would have been a shame to just have one. I think either of them will be an eye grabber. Most likely the ladies cover will make for better sales. I wonder how many voters voted for it for this reason?

    October 15th in fine, but be sure to send out ads to us faithful so we can try to post them around. I want to help promote this as much as I can. I'm sure other do too.


  2. You may be right about the ladies being the best for sales. Though I have noticed that the vast majority of voters were also women, so maybe there was a bit of samesex solidarity there, too. Interestingly, I think only TWO female voters cast their ballots for the boys, while what few male voters there were split fairly evenly between the two choices. Interesting, if unscientific, demography for M-BRANE's first "election."